Manage My Account

How do I add American Express processing?

If your business is not currently setup with processing for American Express, please contact EC Suite with your request. Please note that some business types are not eligible for American Express processing.

If you have an existing American Express account, we may be able to integrate it with your EC Suite merchant account.

How can I change my business address?

To update your business address, you will need to complete a Merchant Change of Address and/or Contact Information Form.

How do I pay the fees for my merchant account? Can I change how these are paid?

Daily processing fees are deducted prior to depositing funds in your bank account. If your account is subject to monthly fees, those will be deducted from your bank account at month’s end. All daily and monthly fees will be listed on your monthly merchant statement.

If you wish to change the bank account from which your fees are deducted, you will need to complete a Merchant Deposit Account Change Form. This will also update the bank account to which you receive your merchant deposits.

How do I update my bank account?

If you wish to change the bank account associated with your merchant account, you will need to complete a Merchant Deposit Account Change Form.

I am changing my corporate name, how can I update my account?

A corporation change may require a new Merchant ID to be issued. Please contact EC Suite so that we may discuss the necessary requirements to make your requested changes.

Where can I login to view daily batches and deposits?

EC Suite offers access to the eConnections online reporting portal from which you may view details about your daily batches and deposits, in addition to viewing merchant statements.

To access the portal, please contact EC Suite to request a login.

How quickly will I receive my deposit?

Most merchants can expect to receive their deposit 2 business days after the transaction occurred. Qualified merchants may be eligible to receive next-day funding.